Swim Lifts of Clermont, Florida specializes in providing reliable swimming lifts to resorts, hotels, and motels to ensure disabled guests can enjoy all of the amenities with everyone else. All of our lifts are entirely ADA-compliant and can be used with any type of pool. Options are available for all budgets for any location.


Battery Powered Lifts

At Swim Lifts we specialize in lifts to help those with disabilities enjoy swimming pools and spas at hotels, motels, and resorts. We offer a full line of battery or water powered lifts to suit the needs of your handicapped guests.

68440158Freedom™ Lift including Anchor

The Freedom lift is a lift that is easily operated from the pool deck or in the water. It uses a robust operating system and is designed for both and above ground pools and spas.

Gallatin™ Lift including Anchor

The is designed for both pools and spas and requires no customization. It requires no more than 12″ of total depth from the deck to floor or bench for proper installation. The standard unit accommodates anchor locations of 18″-30″ from the pool wall and allows for easy pool access for those with disabilities.

P-375™ Lift

The P-375 pool lift is a single action lift for installation on pools with a square edge, and on certain spas. A powder coated lift with a low profile.


If you have already purchased a swimming lift in Florida, but it has not yet been installed; we can provide the installation that you need. You can rely on our experienced technicians for proper installation to ensure the safety of all users and anyone who gets into or out of the pool.

Contact us today to learn more about our full range of high-quality lifts and installation services.